Automatic CRM Job Change Alerts

Identify champions that leave customer accounts to prevent churn and generate new business with CRM Trace by Salesbolt.

How does it work?

Simply upload your completed CSV file (template here) and we will process the data to identify all Contacts that have changed Companies.

Upload Data

You provide a formatted CSV file from our template.

Data Processing

We Identify Past Customer Champions at New Accounts.

Report & Review

You Generate Referral Opportunities from Past Customer Champions.

Contact Tracking

How to genertate pipeline and prevent customer churn by tracking users, customers and champions.

LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce

How to integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn. Effortlessly create contacts & email addresses in seconds.


Enrich Lite

Starting from $6k/year

  • Minimum price includes onboarding, support and up to 10,000 requests per month

  • Additional requests from $0.05 per/credit

Business Pro

Get a custom quote

  • Volume pricing based on quantity/frequency

  • Custom flows & automation rules in Salesforce

Get your free data quality report

Use our CSV Template to ensure all of the required fields are uploaded for a free data evaluation report today.

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